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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs. Galaxy Note 4 specs comparison: A worthy upgrade

The Galaxy Note 4 still has a lot of fans inspite of being two years old. Long time fans of the Galaxy Note series didn’t upgrade to the Galaxy Note 5 when it came out last year because it lacked a microSD card slot and a removable battery (European consumers, of course, didn’t even have the option to). However, Samsung has brought back the microSD card slot with the Galaxy Note 7.

The Galaxy Note 7 not only improves S Pen features, but it also comes with a lot of hardware upgrades. It comes with the newer Exynos 8890 (and Snapdragon 820 in some markets) processor, higher RAM and storage, and a better front-facing camera and a rear camera with low-light imaging miles ahead of the Note 4′s. The software is newer and faster and supports themes as well.

There’s no removable battery in the Galaxy Note 7, but its sealed battery has the highest capacity in all the Galaxy Note series smartphones. Moreover, it is compatible with wireless fast charging. The touch-based fingerprint sensor is quicker and more reliable, and also supports Samsung Pay.

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