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Samsung runs investment firm for chip start-ups in San Jose

Samsung Electronics has reportedly been running an investment firm in the semiconductor sector in San Jose, California.

The investment firm, Samsung Oak Holdings, was incorporated on June 6 in the area, but its business purpose had not publicly been disclosed.

A Samsung official was quoted by a Korean news outlet as saying “Samsung Oak Holdings is a holding firm that mainly invests in start-ups or ventures for Samsung’s device solution division.”

Samsung’s DS division is in charge of four businesses -- memory chips, system large-scale integration, liquid-crystal displays and storage systems.

Samsung did not specifically say the California-based holding company is focused on making investments in chip businesses, but market watchers speculated that it is aimed at beefing up Samsung’s capacity in the non-memory sector, where Samsung lags behind other rivals such as Qualcomm.

Across industrial sectors, the tech giant has been ratcheting up its efforts to acquire global companies.

High-end built-in electronics firm Dacor, cloud services provider Joyent and ad tech firm AdGear are some of the latest acquisitions of Samsung this year.


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