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The Galaxy S8 in 2017: a curved display of Samsung’s long-term panel investment

The Galaxy Note 7 has been announced, with curved edges intact, leading many to look ahead and wonder if the Galaxy S8 in 2017 will see the same treatment: the flat S8 tossed out, the Galaxy S8 edge hailed as the true S flagship. It’s a question worth pondering, especially since tech is a field committed to moving forward, looking ahead, making logical predictions about what’s to come and what’s right around the corner. With the Galaxy S8 in 2017 to arrive in a matter of months, it makes sense to ask this question now rather than later.

Displaying the Evidence: Could Samsung release only the Galaxy S8 edge in 2017?

Could Samsung release a Galaxy S8 edge as the S flagship in 2017? In a word, “yes.” Then again, “could” implies “might,” possibility, potentiality, a small opportunity. It isn’t a confident-proof answer, but one that says there’s some measure of possibility, even probability, that lends credence to the idea. Then and again, tech isn’t always as predictable and certain as some would believe, either.

The evidence for the Galaxy S8 edge as the sole S flagship for next year comes from Samsung’s decision to “go all in on the edge” this year with the Galaxy Note 7. There is no flat Galaxy Note 7, despite all the existent prototype photos that continue to be propagated across the interwebs. And yes, I’m aware of consumers that just aren’t happy with living on the edge and prefer that Samsung would choose to live in their flat reality instead (I’ll leave interpretations of what I mean by this statement up to your conscience).

In any case, Samsung could go all in and release only one S model, the Galaxy S8 edge, instead of a flat Galaxy S8 and a curved Galaxy S8 edge (the Korean giant seems open to the idea). Why? Because of the edge’s success. Just take a look at the Galaxy S7 edge, and one thing becomes perfectly clear: consumers want the edge (a large number do, anyway).

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