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The world’s most versatile PC| ASUS Transformer 3 pro

Discover more for the world’s most versatile PC. Incredible is now. 


The ASUS Transformer 3 Pro T303UA is designed to exceed every expectation of a 2-in-1 device. Crafted from premium grade metal and sporting a 121% RGB 3K display, it’s a treat for the eyes from every angle. The premium components incorporated into the Transformer 3 Pro incorporates a top end Intel i7 processor and a generous 1TB of lightning fast PCIe4 SSD storage. The versatility of the Transformer 3 pro can be extended into any direction with ASUS’ accessories.

- ASUS Pen: The finely tuned ASUS pen recognizes 1024 pressure levels and enables a natural handwriting experience, directly onto the screen of the device.
- ROG XG Station 2: Supercharge the Transformer 3 pro with an external desktop-grade GPU to enable 4K gaming and to experience VR.
- ASUS universal dock: Let your Transformer 3 Pro power every device you need.
- ASUS Audio Pod: Complete your experience with high quality 360-degree audio.

*ASUS Universal Dock, ASUS Audio Pod and ROG XG Station 2 sold separately.

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