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Themes Thursday: Here are the seven best themes from this week

Welcome back to Themes Thursday! If you don’t know it already, this is where we showcase the best themes for Galaxy smartphones from each week. Samsung has released 109 themes this week, and we’ve shortlisted seven for our readers.

Good UI Dark, Monster Beans, and [HIO] Unpretty are some of the best themes released this week. [HIO] Octopus Pirate, Dark 2, and [MINU] Deep Navy are well-designed too. If you’re in for some Carbon Fibre love, check out the Carbon Fibre Blue theme that would go well with your Dbrand skin on your Galaxy S7 or S7 edge.

You should not miss the [HIO] Unpretty and Dark 2 themes if you like black themes. We quite liked the Good UI Dark and [HIO] Unpretty themes. Which theme did you like the most?

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