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Specs comparison: Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs. Galaxy S6 edge+

Today, Samsung has officially unveiled its latest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy Note 7. It’s not only a successor to the Galaxy Note 5, but also the Galaxy S6 edge+ in some ways. Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone is a considerable upgrade from the Galaxy S6 edge+ in terms of hardware specifications, and it also comes with an S Pen.

The Galaxy Note 7 has a 5.7-inch curved display with a newer version of Gorilla Glass, a speedier processor, an improved camera that offers better images in low-light conditions, a microSD card slot, IP68 water-resistance and dust-resistance, and more importantly, a higher capacity battery. All these things make the Galaxy Note 7 a great upgrade from the Galaxy S6 edge+, and here’s a spec-by-spec comparison between the two devices.

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