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Download these four themes on your Galaxy smartphone this week

Samsung has released a bunch of themes this week, but only a few of them are worth looking at. Don’t worry, we’ve done that shortlisting process for you already. Out of 130 themes released in the Theme Store by Samsung, we’ve shortlisted four themes which you might be interested in. Since we were busy reporting about the Gear S3 smartwatches, we couldn’t publish our Themes Thursday story this week.

Since you suggested us last week, we’ve mentioned the theme which are paid and ones which are free. To our surprise, three out of these four themes can be downloaded free of cost. Except the [WoOS_Design] City theme, all other themes are free on the Theme Store. There’s an Olympic Rio 2016 theme if you are still in mood to celebrate sports. SummerBEAR and Tema Deportes Colombia themes look jolly in the blue avatar. Which new themes did you like this week?

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