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Exploding Galaxy Note 7 causes $1,400 worth of damage to hotel room

Samsung confirmed the global recall of the Galaxy Note 7 last week. The company said that as of September 1 it received 35 reports from across the globe of the battery in its latest flagship exploding while it was being charged. The first case of an exploding Galaxy Note 7 was reported in Australia a few days after the recall was announced, it ended up causing $1,400 worth of damage to a hotel room that the owner was staying in.

The owner of this Galaxy Note 7 goes by the username Crushader on Reddit. He explains that this happened when the phone was on the bed and was plugged in to charge overnight. “To me it was an explosion, a small one. It fizzed and then phone pop open, flame and smoke follow, almost had a panic attack sight to see waking up,” he wrote on Reddit, adding that the phone is completely fried and even the SIM or SD card can’t be retrieved. He does clarify that the original charge and cable were being used to charge the Galaxy Note 7. The handset charred the bed sheet and carpet when it was whacked down to the floor, Crushader burnt one of his fingers in the process. The hotel estimated the damages were worth around $1,400 and charged him for it.

Samsung has confirmed that this is one of the first two cases of an exploding Galaxy Note 7 reported in Australia. It has already recalled all 51,060 devices shipped to customers in Australia since the launch. The owner of this device got in touch with Samsung afterwards, they gave him a Galaxy J1 as a loaner until he gets a replacement for the fried Galaxy Note 7, and the company has also said that it’s going to cover the hotel damages for him.

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