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Galaxy Note 7 exchange units now in the US, total 500,000

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the last few weeks, you’re aware of the worldwide Galaxy Note 7 recall that Samsung has made, telling consumers to power down their devices and turn them in due to explosions from Galaxy Note 7s across the globe. It’s likely the case that, as you read this news article, you’ve either received an email from your carrier, Samsung, or both, or are soon to receive one about the recall and what it means for your device.  Samsung has said it would do its best to work with authorities after the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) gave an official recall of the device for US customers.

Well, Samsung has wasted little time in getting the Galaxy Note 7 exchange units in the hands of consumers. According to the company’s official announcement today in a press release, Samsung already has 500,000 Galaxy Note 7 exchange units available in the US. For those units, Samsung promises to push out an update with a new green battery logo (that had to have Google’s approval, mind you) in the status bar and on the power down menu to alert users that the battery in their brand new Galaxy Note 7 is in stellar shape. Yes, it’s true that consumers who refuse to exchange their devices will also get a dreadful update that reduces the battery charge from 100% to just 60% (confirming a rumor from earlier this month).

Samsung says that Galaxy Note 7 exchange units will be in US stores “no later than tomorrow,” September 21st, so the time has come to turn in those Galaxy Note 7s as they become available. You can click on the source link below for more information.

Have you exchanged your Galaxy Note 7 yet?


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