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Galaxy Note 7: Samsung delivers IMEI check, but only in Hong Kong and China, and only for a short period

In the case of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 South Koreans now make every effort to resolve the problem of the world as soon as possible. Unfortunately, there is no way to determine whether the own device is affected.
The problem probably lies in batteries, which were manufactured directly from Samsung. These are installed in approximately 70 percent of the delivered Galaxy Note. 7 For Hong Kong (and now also China ) Samsung is now a quick test whether your own device is affected.
And that is the whole point: Since yesterday I reached eight emails and some requests on other channels that Samsung had since a rapid test and the own device is therefore not affected. Check on the IMEI is only valid for Hong Kong and China, apparently Samsung has made ​​this market the batches of Galaxy Note 7 with a battery of Samsung SDI identified and can check my IMEI whether a particular device is affected because of this. However, other markets have no such possibility, even as other markets are significantly larger, German units are NOT about to identify on the test , which is why no "wrong" should bring security through such a test is. For Germany Samsung's official statement is true:
Samsung attaches great importance to the quality of its products and we take any report of our customers to incidents very seriously. In relation to current events around the new Galaxy Note7 we have conducted a thorough investigation and discovered inconsistencies in the battery cells. To date (as of 1 September) 35 cases were reported to us worldwide. We are currently conducting a comprehensive analysis with our suppliers to increase the possibility to identify affected batteries, which are already on the market. However, as the safety of our customers is a top priority, we have been selling for the time being stopped the Galaxy Note7. Customers who have already received their Galaxy Note7, we will replace your device in the next few weeks of course with a new one. Customers can by calling 06196 934 0 262 (Mon - Fri 8am to 21h and Saturday from 9h to 17h) to register for the exchange of Note7. We regret any inconvenience that this causes in the market. However, this measure is necessary for Samsung customers can continue to offer products of the highest quality. We work closely with our partners to make the exchange process as comfortable as possible.
In China and Hong Kong by the way Samsung obviously have no recall, just as there had other ways to identify defective devices. Much of the equipment comes with batteries the Chinese manufacturer ATL, likely via the IMEI then batches are identified, which are not set up on this battery.

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