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Samsung publishes official details September security patch

The day after the Sept. security patch already on the Galaxy S7  and Galaxy S7 Edge arrived, Samsung publishes the notes to the update.

As usual put Samsung tonight the information associated with the security patch from the month of September, which yesterday together with Samsung Cloud to the unbranded  came Galaxy S7 , and soon on other devices will be available.

The patch contains 66 large and small fixes by Google this month have been added to the Android operating system. Additionally tackled Samsung itself has nine vulnerabilities, the most important, in fact, only a select number of Galaxy phones is relevant: devices with the Exynos 7420 SoC (read: the Galaxy S6 and variants).

When devices other than the  unbranded S7 and S7 Edge get an update to the above fixes described - as always - not known in advance. But - also as usual - we will keep you informed.


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