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Samsung is equipped with a refrigerator, pay phones, smart watch over to the refrigerator ...

Samsung Samsung mobile banking payment service pay is equipped with a refrigerator.

Samsung pay than wide rows behind the latest smartphone to broaden the reach smartwatch gear S3, and refrigerator. Samsung expects the `` enable neoteumyeonseo refrigerator shopping payment tools dedicated to the refrigerator.

According to industry sources, Samsung has 18 days to work with the last page on the Samsung Hub, Samsung family refrigerator.

Family is the basic function of the hub Refrigerator refrigerator to keep food fresh, as well as highlight the add-on to the kitchen to change communication, shopping and entertainment area in which the family life center.

Among the most notable feature it is to receive food shopping. If you touch the liquid crystal display (LCD) with a family hub door a couple of times to provide a `` Food Management online shopping service that simplifies ordering food.

Samsung has partnered with three major retailers, such as domestic large E-Mart, Lotte Mart, Homeplus shopping for features. Sooner or later the Hyundai Department Store Online Mall also added a more modern `` dot com.

The shopping payment system should be supported. So far, the family hub but can finish in a time before refrigerators were ordered to pay after some limitations such as only being supported in Samsung Card payments. Samsung payment can be made by certified letter, without the phone card short message (SMS) to put a qualified certificate payment function.

Samsung pay the catch itself as a family hub refrigerator payment function is greatly simplified the payment process. This family seems to be the hub of the shopping feature refrigerators would be greatly enhanced.

When you select a page from Samsung payment and enter your pin structure, the payment is completed.

Samsung Card holders also authorized the limited use of payment cards 5 and majority domestic product to support the Samsung pay commercial bank accounts linked to the system greatly increases the convenience and popularity of payment by.

Samsung officials implied that "while a family with a Samsung Hub page payment convenience and accessibility to consumers is very better," said, "will be an opportunity to further increase consumer incentives family of Samsung Hub".

Samsung smartphone and pay after the entry to the refrigerator while the rate is expected to catch up to Samsung page spread. Samsung Galaxy S6 will pay more than was available in the latest smartphone to date. Soon the country will be supported in upcoming smartwatch gear S3. The gear S2 also supports some of the pages of the Samsung Near Field Communication (NFC) system.

Family Samsung Hub / Photo: Kim Dong Wook news gphoto@etnews.com

Samsung has put emphasis on strengthening the platform with smart home hub to hub, `` family refrigerator. Turn the refrigerator is attractive in that the device is powered 24 hours a day, unlike other consumer electronic devices.

When the Smart Home Herb catch a central billing system to pay Samsung is also possible thickening of all payment systems Samsung Samsung smart home infrastructure will converge to pay.

Industry experts "Samsung Electronics Samsung Fay also be noted that the enter the family hub in situations that enhance the smart home system with a family hub-centric" while "all systems around the refrigerator with respect to my credit card house of Samsung pay is likely to be led into, "he said diagnosis.


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