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Samsung says 70 percent of Canadian Note 7 owners have registered for a replacement

Just days after issuing an unprecedented recall, Samsung Canada has announced that 70 percent of the 22,000 Note 7s sold in Canada have been tagged for replacement.

After some initial confusion related to how the Note 7’s recall will work in different regions, Samsung has now clarified how Canadian consumers can confirm their Note 7 features a safe battery unit. The company plans to release a free software update on September 21st across all Canadian carriers that will replace the standard white battery indicator on safe Note 7s, including the one seen on the smartphone’s always-on display, to a bright green.

If a consumer is still using a Note 7 purchased between August 19th and September 1st 2016 — devices equipped with the old battery have the potential to overheat, and in some cases cause fires — a software update will cause a notification to pop up every three hours, reminding the user to exchange their smartphone.

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