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Samsung starts supplying Tizen handsets to Russia’s biggest company

Samsung’s Tizen platform appears to be performing quite nicely in Russia where handsets like the Samsung Z3 are actively being used by corporate customers as well as government bodies. Oil and gas giant Gazprom is one of the biggest state-owned companies in Russia and Samsung has now started supplying Tizen-powered smartphones to it. President Samsung Electronics San Jin Pak has said that even Russian state authorities are interested in Samsung’s devices as they have praised its security credentials.

Since the Tizen operating system has received FSTEC certification, it makes smartphones powered by this OS compliant with the requirements of state security in Russia. The country’s Ministry of Communications has already sourced these handsets from Samsung earlier this year in June. There have also been reports that developers in Russia are porting a modified version of Tizen OS for the Samsung Z3 which features apps and services geared towards corporate users in Russia. Having a deal with one of the biggest companies on the planet would only instill confidence in the nascent Tizen platform.


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