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Samsung to use colors to its advantage for reigniting Galaxy Note 7 sales momentum

Samsung has got a lot of bad press recently following its decision to recall the Galaxy Note 7 globally. The recall will likely have an impact on future sales of the Galaxy Note 7 as well because potential customers might lose confidence in the device. Samsung has taken steps to fix the battery cell issue that caused some Galaxy Note 7 handsets to explode and it’s going to provide replacement inventory by next week. A report out of Korea suggests that the company will now use the range of colors it offers the Galaxy Note 7 in to its advantage for reigniting sales momentum for its latest flagship.

The company is reportedly going to launch the Black Onyx Galaxy Note 7 in South Korea next month. There has been significant demand for this color already and Samsung is believed to have excluded it from the range of colors offered in Korea initially to have something fresh to present to the public when the new iPhone arrives. Samsung always has different color strategies for different markets. With the Galaxy Note 7, it’s holding off on the Gold Platinum for the United States, Silver Titanium for China and the beautiful Coral Blue for India.

Sales of the Galaxy Note 7 have been suspended globally following the recall announcement but Samsung is expected to resume sales in a couple of weeks. It remains to be seen when these color options will be launched in these lucrative markets but it’s too soon to say whether or not they will achieve the aim that Samsung is hoping for.


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