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The Galaxy S7 edge and Galaxy Note 7 are more alike than ever: Samsung’s daring move makes perfect sense

The Galaxy Note 7 unveiling last month brought us a device that, as Samsung says, “was inspired by the Galaxy S7 edge” in reference to its dual-edge display. While Samsung referenced the display and its dual curves in making the statement, some consumers believe that more than just the dual-edge display was “borrowed” from the Galaxy S7 edge. Some have gone on to call the Galaxy Note 7 nothing more than just “a Galaxy S7 edge with an S Pen,” with a reference to the Galaxy S7 edge and the S Pen of the Galaxy Note line that has been a staple item of the phone series since its inception in 2011.

For some diehard Galaxy Note fans, Samsung’s move as of late is indicative of a company that is “watering down” the Galaxy Note lineup in favor of the Galaxy S customer base. Samsung hasn’t lowered the specs or performance of its devices to match its Galaxy S flagships (this is why the Note 5 had 4GB of RAM in 2015, before the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge got 4GB of RAM this year), but what consumers are seeing is that the best specs are being shared between the Note line and the Galaxy S line – and diehard OG Note fans aren’t too happy about it.

Some consumers don’t even believe the Note line is all that different from the S line anymore, but I disagree. Samsung has always had a particular purpose in mind for both series, and its daring move to “line up” the specs between them shows what Samsung’s had in mind all along. Let’s look at 3 reasons why it’s a good thing that the Galaxy S7 edge and Galaxy Note 7 are more alike than ever.

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