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Wireless charging mount charges your Samsung phone and keeps you safe on the road, get it from SamMobile Shop!

It can be very dangerous to use your phone as you’re driving your car which is why many places have strict laws that bar people from using phones when they’re behind the wheel. It’s always best to pull up on the side of the road and do what needs to be done on the phone before setting off again, but what if you need to use your phone’s navigation features? You can install a mount on the dash which holds the phone and lets you follow the navigation instructions while enabling you to keep both hands on the wheel.

The SamMobile Shop is offering a great car mount from Montar at a discount. The Montar Air Qi wireless charging car mount securely holds your handset in place while minimizing distraction and it’s also capable of wirelessly charging your Samsung smartphone, provided you have one that supports the Qi wireless charging standard. It even supports 2A, fast wireless charging. The Montar Air Qi wireless charging car mount normally costs $79.99 but you can get it from the SamMobile Shop at a 31 percent discount for a limited time only by paying $54.99. It ships internationally.

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