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Amazon issuing refunds for Galaxy Note 7 accessories even after the 30-day window

Many customers would have bought accessories for their Galaxy Note 7 when they received the ill-fated flagship and while they have been promised a refund for their device, what are they to do with the accessories they purchased? Well, if they got them from Amazon, they’re in luck. The online retailer is issuing refunds for some Galaxy Note 7 accessories even after its 30-day refund window. It’s issuing refunds for products like cases, wireless charging docks and some other accessories.

Many Reddit users have reported that they have been successful in getting refunds for these products from Amazon even if they were purchased outside Amazon’s standard 30-day return window. Customers can seek a refund right now by contacting customer support and talking to an Amazon representative. It’s unclear right now whether refunds are being handled on a case by case basis or if Amazon is going to come up with a more formal process or handling refunds for any and all Galaxy Note 7 accessories that it sold. A spokesperson for the company has confirmed that its Galaxy Note 7 refund policy does apply to accessories as well.


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