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An Open SDN/NFV Ecosystem Accelerating Network Cloudification

Huawei demonstrated the latest achievements of its SDN/NFV Open ecosystem, multi-vendor integration capabilities and innovative solutions at Huawei eco-Connect Europe

Huawei and over 20 SDN/NFV partners attended the recent Huawei eco-Connect Europe in Paris. Huawei demonstrated the latest achievements of its SDN/NFV Open ecosystem, multi-vendor integration capabilities and innovative solutions. It was the also the first time that Huawei has fully demonstrated its ecosystem capabilities in Western Europe.

Mr. Yang Tao (pictured), Huawei’s Western European Marketing Director, said, “The aim of the digital transformation for carrier operators is to develop new business by expanding into new areas, to aggregate more content, to close more partnerships and to improve network efficiency. The ultimate goal is to provide a user experience, which Huawei summarizes as ‘ROADS’: Everything shall be delivered in real time, on demand, in an always online world, in a do it yourself mode and through social means.

“The comprehensive cloudified network, open platform and agile IT system are the most effective digital transformation tools and technical means to support operators. For the SDN/ NFV reconstruction of operators’ networks and for making full use of a networks’ power, Huawei is seeking to work together with more partners to build an open ecosystem for promoting ubiquitous cloud networks,” continued Tao.

Huawei and Vodafone jointly release SDN/NFV and IES enabled open API innovation initiatives

At the conference, Huawei and Vodafone jointly announced an innovation initiative to enable Open APIs and a platform business model for SDN, NFV and Cloud Services under the umbrella of the TM Forum’s Open API and platform programs. The initiative focused on enterprises, SMEs, and drones.

Dr. Lester Thomas (pictured), Chief Systems Architect at Vodafone Group said, “The challenge we are aiming to overcome is to make a mass market offering which attracts developers to the Open Cloud infrastructure. We believe in the power of an Open API architecture that can generate new revenues with a platform based business model.”

Huawei and Brocade undertake initiative to create a multi-vendor integrated SDN program for the blue-ocean B2B market

Huawei and Brocade Communications have created an innovation initiative. The two parties will give full access to their respective business resources to each other. This collaborative innovation will fully exploit SDN advantages and help SDN applications to break through.

Brian Levy (pictured below), CTO EMEA, Brocade said, ”Enterprises and service providers are increasingly looking at software to build and orchestrate their network infrastructure and they want a seamless path to that future by having the ability to start deploying SDN and virtualized network services today.”

“Brocade and Huawei are committed to open source-based platforms, which allow both companies to co-innovate and deliver solutions that are designed for today’s requirements for open, agile, software-centric networks.”

Huawei with its leading partners Infoblox, Radware, and Canonical also showcased the results of the SDN Open Ecosystem based on the Cloud VPN solution, which can effectively reduce OPEX and help operators to diversify their customers. Through open cooperation Huawei and its partners will jointly unleash the full potential of the cloud B2B market.

Huawei, in collaboration with leading research institutes, presented the industry's first SDN/NFV open ecosystem theory

Professor Slinger Jansen (pictured) from Utrecht University presented the results of the universities joint research with Huawei. The professor presented a set of SDN/NFV ecosystem theory frameworks and business models, as well as a complete open ecosystem maturity evaluation model. Professor Slinger’s study showed that over the last two years most of the parties involved such as standards organizations and manufacturers are enhancing their positions in the SDN/NFV ecosystem.

Huawei have not only established partnerships with partners such as Mirantis and Canonical, but have also played an important role in standards and open source organizations. In the past two years, Huawei have significantly strengthened its cooperation with its partners from upstream and downstream and have come to play an important role in the industry chain. Professor Slinger’s research shows that Huawei is one of the fastest growing manufacturers in the SDN/ NFV ecosystem.

HUAWEI eco-Connect Europe 2016 marked a new step in Huawei's SDN/NFV open eco-innovation and multi-vendor integration efforts. Huawei have established partnerships with more than 50 partners and organizations in the field of SDN/NFV in order to jointly promote the transformation of carrier networks.

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