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NZ Post tells Samsung Note 7 owners not to put them in the mail

New Zealand Post is telling consumers not to post or courier Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones back to retailers because of the safety risk.

Instead it is telling buyers to return the smartphones to retailers in person.

The phones are subject to a global safety recall after dozens of incidents of the phones overheating and causing fires or burns.

Samsung has permanently discontinued production of its Galaxy Note7 phones because the phone - and its replacements are prone to bursting into flames. Rene Ritchie from 'i More' says part of the problem is the way Samsung has mis-handled the fault is contributing to the fall out.

Britain's Royal Mail has banned Britons from posting the devices, while Reuters reported in the United States that Samsung had sent fireproof boxes and protective gloves to some customers to ensure their safe return.

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NZ Post spokeswoman Clare Pasley said it had arrangements in place with retailers to package and label Note 7s so they could be safely picked up by its couriers.

"These items are transported by road, not air, to Auckland before being returned to the various retailers' distribution centres," she said.

"Consumers should not try to send the phones through our network or drop them off at a PostShop."

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 buyers will be given $100 compensation – on top of a cash or credit refund – to compensate them for the "stress" and inconvenience of having to return the smartphones.

Samsung said on Thursday it would foot the bill, though there were earlier suggestions it might be evenly shared between Samsung and the phone companies.

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