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Here’s what Samsung is offering to motivate you to return the Galaxy Note 7

Now that Samsung has discontinued the Galaxy Note 7 it needs to get all of the units off the street, so to speak. It urging those who picked one up to return their Galaxy Note 7 for an exchange or a refund. Samsung will be providing some financial incentives to motivate customers and as an apology for all of the inconvenience it has caused them. The incentives will vary by market, we’ve got a list going here which will be continuously updated as more information comes in.

United States

Samsung is going to give customers in the United States up to $100 in bill credit. The Galaxy Note 7 Refund and Exchange Program kicks off in the US today. Customers can choose to exchange their device for any other Samsung smartphone and get the price difference as a refund or they can choose to get a full refund for the Galaxy Note 7.

Those who exchange the Galaxy Note 7 for another Samsung device will have their loyalty rewarded by the company. Samsung will give them up to $100 in bill credit from selected carrier and retail outlets. Those who exchanged their Note 7 for another Samsung device in the first recall will receive up to $75 bill credit. Customers who go for a full refund will only get $25 bill credit while those who exchange the Note 7 for another manufacturer’s device will also get the same amount.

South Korea

The program has already been kicked off in Samsung’s home market of South Korea. Those who have opted for a full refund will get a 30,000 won ($27) coupon while those who have exchanged the flagship for another Samsung smartphone will be given a 70,000 won ($61) mobile credit.


Customers in Thailand who pre-ordered the Galaxy Note 7 will now receive a 10,000 baht ($280) discount voucher which can be used to purchase a Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge or Galaxy Note 5. They will also receive a pair of Samsung Level Active headphones worth 2,990 baht ($83). This compensation will be provided from October 21 to the end of November.

We will update this list as more information about the incentives being offered in other markets becomes available. Do let us know in the comments below what Samsung is offering in your market.


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