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Daily Deal: Bag yourself a 64GB EVO+ microSD card for just $21.69

If your phone is running low on storage and sports an integrated microSD card slot, you’re in luck. For a limited time only, you can bag yourself a brand new 64GB Samsung-branded EVO+ microSD card for just $21.69. That’s a total saving of $38.30!

You’re probably thinking that spending a little over $20 on a 64GB card is a little on the steep side, but what you’re looking at here is effectively the Rolls-Royce of microSD cards. The Evo+ range offers one of the fastest transfer speeds on the market, which makes them perfect for recording 4K video.

Like the sound of the 64GB EVO+ microSD card and want to take advantage of this promotion? Cool! Simply hit the Buy Now button below. We strongly advise you to hurry, though, as Amazon only has a limited amount of inventory available for this specific deal, and once it’s gone, it’s gone.

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