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Dutch Galaxy Tab S will now update to Android Marshmallow (update: now 8.4 inches)

From today the long-awaited arrival update to Android 6.0.1 for the first generation Galaxy Tab S in the Netherlands. The 10.5 inch variant with Wi-Fi connection has the scoop.  Update 10-10 : since today is the Marshmallow update also install the Tab S 8.4 inch screen.

Recently there was much to do around the Marshmallow update for the Galaxy Tab S. Samsung itself said that it would not come , and we discovered that he indeed is in the pipeline. This was confirmed when the update in Germany actually made its appearance - now followed by the Netherlands.

First arriving the update to the Galaxy S Tab 10.5 WiFi connection (SM-T800, to be exact). The 800 MB update brings firmware XXU1CPHF to the device, including recent security patches and Android 6.0.1. For the Tab S 8.4 (SM-T700) is firmware version XXU1CPI1 ready, also with patch date September 1st.

For the 4G version of the Tab S 10.5, the update at this time do not download yet, nor use (st) ers with the 8.4 inch version should have some patience. But the head is off.

you have already installed the update on your Tab S? Let us know below how everything went and what you been up to encounter innovations!


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