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Elliott on "Gender Board Diversity lack of" intellectual Samsung, 女 outside directors increases

Samsung Group embarked on a plan to raise the number of outside directors to increase the women. I Earlier this month, US-based hedge fund Elliott Management pointed out that the lack of gender diversity of the board of directors at the shareholders' proposals for Samsung Electronics will start to consider it as a positive.

17, according to the industry's Samsung Group Future Strategy Department recently affiliates to outside directors Status We finished our investigation. It reportedly contains information such as the number of outside directors and affiliates by profession, a senior background, tenure expiration date.

Samsung is the part where special attention is sex outside directors. Elliott pointed out that the Council has insufficient structure compared to Samsung's other global competitors in the last shareholder proposals. Among them strongly it pointed out the problems of Samsung Electronics in terms of diversity. Samsung Smart Qualcomm micron TSMC, such as arguing from Apple or the semiconductor industry to compete in the phone sector is the analysis of the Elliott is this high, also equipped properly gender diversity expertise of outside directors.

Full board number while Samsung Electronics to nine, the middle of five outside directors manjiman more expertise are all relatively poor Elliott pointed out that consists only of men. Samsung Electronics has appointed the years of Kim, Eun - Mi, Ewha Women's University Professor in 2013 outside directors, and since its founding, but discharging the first woman outside directors was seated a bakjaewan Sungkyunkwan University professor in this position as second term expires this year.

Industry insiders, "Samsung has a beginning Constitution amended to ensure that the house is not moved outside directors will also be the Chairman of the Board he pointed out that positive, "said" just going to have a board of directors that is male-centered view of the problem, "think about it. Women look the entire Samsung Group, the number of outside directors is extremely rare. Where to buy 15 listed affiliates of women outside director of Samsung Group, Samsung C & T is just where AA Samsung Electronics Samsung Card. Because of this, 15 listed companies outside directors where women share in the total is a mere 5%.

Even if Samsung is trying to appoint a new women outside directors is not possible until later years.

Because the term of office which expires current outside directors is three fastest 2018. But Samsung is possible to add the women outside directors board of directors to increase the share numbers.

Samsung is reportedly also instructed me to prepare a wide range of affiliates outside directors pools available in the wake of this Elliott shareholder proposals. The back door had indicated that only personnel with expertise in the field a long time working on the preliminary list of areas not equipped to widen to women.


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