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Galaxy S6 and S7 owners complaining that Samsung Keyboard isn’t playing nice with the stock email client

Over the course of the past few days, reports have started to emerge on the Internet from Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge owners claiming that they’re experiencing issues while composing emails within the stock application using the Samsung Keyboard.

“Whenever I try to type contractions like I’m it replaces the ‘ with ” and deletes any letters after automatically. It also changes words like autocorrect into aautocorret and three to ttree… Autoreplace, autocaps, autospace and autopunctuate are all turned off,” writes a user on the Android Central forums.

“I talked to support twice and had someone access my device remotely. I reset my keyboard settings and the issue is still present.” Another user corroborated the problem, but revealed that they were able to overcome it by using Google Keyboard as the input method.

Unfortunately, it’s currently unclear what’s causing the bug to occur, but seeing as it’s only affecting a small amount of people, we’re guessing that it’s a result of an unannounced server-side upgrade the firm is in the process of rolling out to either its keyboard offering or email client. Although, our money’s on the latter.


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