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Galaxy S7 edge reportedly caught fire during charging

I’m sure that by now many of you are tired of hearing about Galaxy Note 7 units catching fire for no apparent reason, even Samsung is said to be clueless right now about what was causing its ill-fated flagship to catch fire. We’ve also seen similar reports about the Galaxy S7 edge but they have been few and far between so there’s nothing to suggest that it has a widespread battery cell issue as the Galaxy Note 7. Another case of a Galaxy S7 edge catching fire has now been reported, it’s said that this happened while the handset was being charged with an OEM charger.

The folks at PhoneArena were told about this incident by someone who works at “one of the big” carriers in the United States. The customer who actually owns this handset came into the source’s store, apparently he had received this Galaxy S7 edge just two weeks ago after returning his replacement Galaxy Note 7 unit. The owner says that this handset was being charged overnight using an OEM charger when this happened.

This isn’t the first time we’re hearing about something like this happening to the Galaxy S7 edge as well. One user sued Samsung last month when his Galaxy S7 edge caught fire in this pocket and left him with second and third-degree burns. We picked up on a similar report a couple of weeks ago when a woman from The Philippines said her Galaxy S7 edge started burning up when her 16-year-old daughter was using it.

There are many variables here that need to be determined first before one can say that there’s a problem with this flagship smartphone, because I’m sure that almost all users can vouch that there isn’t one. Samsung is yet to comment on this latest incident and only a formal investigation will reveal what caused this. However, since the Galaxy S7 edge has been out for more than six months now and such reports have been very rare, there’s no reason to panic right now as it will be premature to draw any parallels between this and the Galaxy Note 7.

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