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Galaxy S7 users being sent reminders that their phone hasn’t been recalled

Tech news has been dominated this week by the unfortunate demise of the Galaxy Note 7. All units of this ill-fated smartphone have now been recalled so those who have one are urged to either get it exchanged or obtain a refund. Some users who are just not paying attention to everything that’s going on could become confused when they hear that Samsung has killed a flagship device. Perhaps that’s why the company is reportedly sending direct notifications to Galaxy S7 owners reassuring them that their handsets have not been recalled.

The notification simply says that “Your Galaxy S7 is not an affected device,” adding that it’s not subject to recall and they can continue to use it normally. It does get the job done. Not only does it tell them that they don’t have to take their phone back for an exchange or a refund, it also subtly reassures them that their handset does not have a battery issue like the Galaxy Note 7 so it’s not going to explode out of the blue for no apparent reason. It’s imperative for Samsung to reassure Galaxy S7 owners given that it’s likely going to fall back to this device as its primary flagship for the rest of the year. The company certainly wouldn’t want mass hysteria which causes people to start returning the Galaxy S7 as well out of an abundance of caution.

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