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Huawei FusionInsight-Universe Analytics Awarded ‘Best Telco Big Data Analytics Platform’

Today at the ‘Telco Data Analytics Europe’ summit, Huawei’s Big Data analytics platform (FusionInsight-Universe Analytics) won the ‘Best Telco Big Data Analytics Platform’ award.

The ‘Telco Data Analytics Europe’ was hosted by Informa, a leading international event and consulting company. With a focus on the role that Big Data analytics platforms have in the digital transformation of telecom carriers, the summit created the ‘Best Telco Big Data Analytics Platform’ award to commend the platform with the best overall performance in technology, market, and cooperative ecology, as well as to establish an industry benchmark. The winner was selected by judges from international corporations, industry-leading analytics firms, and professionals in the field of Big Data ICT.

"Jury members recognized the value of Huawei and its global operator customers in their commitments to value-driven practices and efforts in constructing this platform and appreciated Huawei's continuous devotion to the Big Data field and the excellent work that Huawei frontline Big Data scientists are doing in research institutes and labs all around the world." --From the organizing committee.

"We are very pleased that strategic customers and industry experts are recognizing the Huawei Big Data analytics platform’s influence in driving carriers' digital transformation and building a cooperative ecosystem," said Li Zhuming, General Manager of Big Data Analytics at Huawei's Carrier Software Business Unit. "We will continue to move forward based on the analytics platform, enabling partners to create more value for customers and achieving a win-win situation."

FusionInsight-Universe Analytics is the core engine for carriers' digital business transformation. Based on deep understanding of ‘data’ and ‘business’ in the telecom industry, Huawei enables carriers to generate and share knowledge and promote more accurate and efficient digital transformation that considers structure, personnel, and skills. FusionInsight-Universe Analytics builds an industry-leading Big Data analytics platform by aggregating all-domain convergent data models, powerful analytics algorithms, modeling automation, and the end-to-end (E2E) implementation of carriers' mainstream applications.

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