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Lessons learned: the Galaxy Note 7 recall, Note rebranding, and a 2017 Samsung comeback

The Galaxy Note 7 has been recalled - again. I feel like this sentence permeates nearly every journalism piece I’ve read on the Web about the matter. And yet, it’s a fact. The event itself is tragic, for innocent victims of exploding Note 7s as well as Samsung, the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer who, prior to the recalls, was deemed by even its critics to have had nothing short of a winner-take-all year. Now, with these two events, many are still celebrating the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge but claim that Samsung’s fumble leaves the door open for other Android OEMs to “take the crown.”

In the midst of what is sure to have some think twice about picking up another “Galaxy,” it is said that the Note 7 recall has dealt a “deadly blow to the Galaxy Note brand,” that Samsung cannot recover from this, and that its best strategy is to scrap the cherished brand and rename the Note something else. The reason behind this claim is simple: rename the brand, and in some sense, erase the tragedy. Marketing is everything, and with a new brand that lacks scandal, consumers will give it a chance and trust it.

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