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[Poll] Should Samsung stop selling the Galaxy Note 7?

After the immense success of the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, the Galaxy Note 7 was expected to offer Samsung an upper hand against Apple’s iPhone 7 devices. However, things have turned in a dramatic manner for the company. Samsung had to recall most of the Galaxy Note 7 units sold worldwide due to faulty batteries that could lead to explosions, but even that isn’t going in the South Korean smartphone giant’s favor.

There have been multiple reports about ‘safe’ Galaxy Note 7 devices exploding. AT&T is reportedly considering to drop the Galaxy Note 7 from its lineup. An official statement from Samsung isn’t ruling out a safety issue with the replacement units. So, is it only the faulty battery in the Galaxy Note 7 that is causing explosions or is there something else that’s wrong with the smartphone? Whatever the reason is, Galaxy Note 7′s reputation has been maligned beyond repair.

We were wondering whether Samsung should stop selling the Galaxy Note 7 altogether to save its brand reputation? What do you think? Cast your votes in the poll embedded below.

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