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Samsung Gear Icon X Review: Not ready for prime time yet

Samsung has been pushing towards a wire-free future. The company has been integrating more and more wireless technologies in its products. Wireless charging, NFC and MST payments, Wi-Fi speakers, you name it. The company recently unveiled its first pair of completely wireless headphones, the Gear IconX. It’s not the first in the world to offer a product in this category, but the expectations have been quite high due to the company’s reputation among consumers.

After Bragi introduced its Dash wireless headphones, big brands like Apple, Motorola, and Samsung jumped in. As opposed to offerings from Apple and Motorola, the Gear IconX earphones take a slightly different route. Samsung is leaning more towards fitness enthusiasts with the IconX. Apart from streaming audio completely wirelessly, they can also track physical activity and fitness, thanks to built-in sensors. Moreover, they can also store music so that you can leave your smartphone at your home while working out.

Due to the added features, the Gear IconX cost slightly higher than the Apple Earpods and the Motorola Verve Ones at $199.99, and Samsung India sent us a review unit a couple of weeks ago. Let’s see how good Samsung’s first completely wireless earphones are in terms of audio quality and fitness tracking.

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