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Samsung officially introduced the Gear Samsung Galaxy 360 in Vietnam in Studio

Gear 360 Tripod
Ho Chi Minh City, date of 06.10.2016 - Samsung Vina Electronics Company today officially launched the Samsung Galaxy Gear 360 at Studio located in the commercial center of Saigon Centre, 65 Le Loi Street, District 1, HCMC. Ho Chi Minh. This is the first camera of the Samsung 360 degrees, allowing users to easily create and share their experiences in the form of videos and photographs of 360 degrees. Samsung Gear 360 is designed for any situation whether it is tourism, festivals, parties hayhoi groups ... in order to record the experiences of a broad array capacity and can live dongnhat. The camera improves Samsung Galaxy experience to a new level so that users can easily direct a virtual reality work and enjoy their own virtual reality through Gear VR lens.

Gear 360 - mat ben

Gear 360 - front

"Samsung constantly break the limitations of the mobile experience, reaching out of the range smartphone," Huy Nguyen Quang Hien - Deputy General Manager, Director of Operations Branch of Mobile Devices, Electric Company Samsung Vina electronic statements. "Immediately after the launch of Gear VR, Samsung continues to introduce cameras Samsung Gear 360, a testament to the ongoing efforts to break the limits on the content of cyberspace - brings visual experience makes record and share moments of life easier. Samsung Gear 360 is part inseparable enhance the mobile experience of the technology ecosystem Samsung Galaxy. "

Compact design with high performance for each activity

Samsung Gear 360 is equipped with two lenses and two 15-megapixel image sensors, giving users the ability to record video with a resolution of 360-degree high standard UHD-Sub (3840 × 1920), and also support support stills with a resolution up to 30 megapixels. Users also have the flexibility to spin and shoot with the angle of 180 degrees if using only a camera lens. Designed to adapt to any situation, Samsung Gear 360 with F2.0 aperture lens helps users capture photos or video with high quality even in low light conditions.

With compact spherical design in the hand, Samsung Gear 360 optimized maneuverability required for filming and taking pictures on the go outdoors or indoors. Samsung Gear 360 also handy tripod attached devices, besides it can be compatible with many accessories & rack are available on the market.

Completing the experience technology ecosystem for Samsung Galaxy unprecedented Gear 360

Samsung continues to improve the hardware, software and support services by breaking the limit to create devices to enhance the ability to connect, share, organize, and enjoy the life of the user . The company is gradually breaking down the limits of today's technology with the introduction of the mobile experience unique unmatched.

When Samsung Gear 360 is connected to a Samsung smartphone, users can just shoot just see what's being filmed. Then, the user can review and save content recorded on Gear 360 on your phone and then upload and share directly on social networking sites such as Facebook, Youtube, Google Street View. All these features are available in Samsung Gear 360 applications on the phone, can be downloaded from the Galaxy Apps, Google Play. Also, if you need to edit video in-depth 360 degrees, the user can install software on your computer ActionDirector Gear 360. For a complete 360-degree experience most, users can view content created through the Gear VR.

Gear 360 is compatible with Samsung mobile phones and Samsung includes the Galaxy S7 S7 edge Galaxy, Galaxy S6 edge +, Galaxy Note 5, the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge.

In Vietnam, the Samsung Gear 360 will be available nationwide from the date 22.10.2016 Suggested retail price is 6.99 million contract.

See firsthand and experience the latest technology demonstration Galaxy Studio 3rd in Vietnam

After the success of the Galaxy series of events in major cities around the world launched in 2014, the exhibition and technology experience Vietnam Galaxy Studio back in early May 10/2016. Galaxy Studio 3rd was held from April 6 to October 16, 2016 at the Trade Center Saigon Centre, 65 Le Loi Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.

A type of open space, Galaxy, introduced and allow users to enjoy the experience technology ecosystems (ecosystem) Samsung Galaxy peak. With the continuous improvement breakthrough, Samsung Galaxy ecosystem today is a combination of outstanding technology products such as Galaxy S7, S7 Galaxy edge, 360 Gear, Gear Fit2 with software and technology the most advanced. This help modern consumers have more conditions to be able to experience different aspects of life:

S7 and S7 Galaxy Galaxy neat edge design, style and elegance to the user a nice compromise between strength and substance. As connected devices ecosystem heart of the Samsung Galaxy, the duo this smartphone is the key to open up infinite possibilities for users, experience the world of equipment and other services to enjoy a live rich, full color.

Pixel Dual camera technology excels in Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge helps catch lightning strokes and f1.7 aperture exact same help visitors easily mastered photography dark in low light conditions, but still bring photo shimmering image.

Samsung Camera Gear 360 brings experience life beyond the horizon, helping users catch fulfill all true moments of life with angle / shoot sweeping, broad and lively, breaking the limitations of a TV camera Theung. Users can easily create and share content with friends at 360 degrees Galaxy Studio this time.

Virtual reality technology with the new Samsung Gear VR with large frames, high-resolution, wide viewing angle of 96 degrees, the first sensor positioning ultra-sensitive, bring experienced chronic nghiemthoa with vivid footage, exciting . At Galaxy Studio, visitors can enjoy the feeling of surrealism with dramatic experiences like kayaking or take a roller coaster at the Gear VR program.

Samsung Gear Fit2 - invaluable training assistants have the ability to measure and provide accurate information on sports activities of users thanks to the built-in GPS sensor and heart rate monitor (HRM) without losing fashion looks of their respective owners. Galaxy, an area dedicated to help visitors to experience the same fun exercise Fit2 Gear.

Coming to Galaxy, this time, in addition to award shows and participating experience technology ecosystem Samsung Galaxy through fun interactive games, visitors also have the opportunity to receive even more attractive gifts, including lucky day gift is one the Samsung Gear VR. Particularly the last day of the Galaxy Studio, a gift for one lucky person will be the Galaxy S7 edge.

Musical performances by popular music stars are also held every day to provide variety and entertainment for the Galaxy Studio.

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