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UK Royal Mail reportedly refusing packages containing the Galaxy Note 7

According to a new report, you might find it impossible to ship a package in the United Kingdom via Royal Mail if it contains the Galaxy Note 7. Granted there are other options such as ParcelForce, DHL and more but if you just tend to drop stuff off at your local post office, you might want to pay attention. Apparently the Royal Mail has a directive in place which mandates that post office employees ask about the contents of every package that comes in. They have been told to refuse parcels that have a Galaxy Note 7.

The report also mentions that some post offices are being extra careful and that they are not accepting parcels that contain any Samsung handset, however, this is not said to be an official directive from the Royal Mail. These precautions are a result of the Galaxy Note 7 recall which Samsung issued after confirming the battery cell issue in its latest flagship. The handset was briefly banned by the FAA and it remains banned by several major cruise lines. Samsung has had to obtain a hazardous materials permit in the United States just to ship back defective units.

There doesn’t appear to be an easy way out for Samsung here. Even though many have praised its handling of the Galaxy Note 7 recall, somehow the debacle doesn’t seem to end, and with the recent explosion of a safe Galaxy Note 7 things might even take a turn for the worse if that’s even possible at this point.


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