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[Update: Samsung confirms] Exclusive: Samsung Netherlands halts shipments of Galaxy Note 7 pre-orders

Customers in Netherlands have had to wait for a very long time to get their hands on the Galaxy Note 7. Samsung NL was supposed to start shipping pre-orders of the new flagship today after the initial release was delayed due to the Galaxy Note 7 recall. As reports of replacement Galaxy Note 7 units exploding remain a cause for concern, several sources have confirmed to SamMobile that Samsung Netherlands is halting shipments of Galaxy Note 7 pre-orders until further confirmation from the HQ in South Korea that the units are safe to send out.

It’s unclear at this point in time just how long that’s going to take so it can’t be said for sure when the pre-orders will be sent out. It’s very likely that we will see similar moves in markets where pre-orders have yet to be shipped. Most major carriers in the United States have already halted sales of the Galaxy Note 7. Folks in The Netherlands can expect Samsung NL to issue an official statement on the matter today with additional details.

Update: Samsung has just confirmed our story about Galaxy Note 7 pre-order shipments being halted in the Netherlands. A spokesman for the company has confirmed that pre-order shipments have been postponed indefinitely.


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