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[Video] Samsung Campus Helps Dreams Come True for Programming Hopefuls

When Rodolphe Laidet was just a young boy, he was introduced to the world of computers. It was through these early interactions that he inadvertently recognized his dream of working in the field of technology. He felt his passion for computers grow throughout the years and, as a teenager, dropped out of school to teach himself more about networks and operating systems.

His decision to take the road less traveled was met with much criticism. Facing social prejudice, he came to doubt his abilities, his decisions and even his future. But then he heard about Samsung Campus, a program that was established to cultivate a young and talented workforce and spur job creation through hands-on IT job training. It was here that Rodolphe finally got the opportunity to delve into computer programming in a formal learning environment.

Armed with a broad knowledge, and through the guidance of his mentors, Rodolphe was able to land a job as an engineer. Now, he uses the skills he learned at Samsung Campus to develop new concepts, paradigms and patterns in computer programming to help improve people’s lives. Rodolphe is the perfect example of how hard work and a willingness to overcome challenges can truly make dreams come true.

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