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[Photo] Discover a Whole New World of Detail with the Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71’s Macro Camera ③ Plants and Flowers

It is thanks to plants that we are able to breathe fresh air, enjoy colorful landscapes and benefit from golden harvests, and so, in order to raise awareness of the importance they have to our global ecosystem, the United Nations has designated the year 2020 as the International Year of Plant Health.

Samsung Newsroom harnessed the power of the Galaxy A51’s 5MP Macro camera in order to get closer to the natural beauty of plants and flowers and learn more about these living, breathing flora.

Seasonal Hues
The remarkable color changes plants go through as the seasons change will never fail to be a thing of beauty, and upon closer look, it is clear that in some cases, a single color seen from a distance is in fact a harmony of complementary shades brought about by the wonder of nature.

The various colors of these mosses come together to create a miniature forest of color.


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