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[Daelog] Samsung Electronics' Galaxy Smartphone Designer'walking into inspiration'

 ※ All the filming process in the video was conducted safely in consideration of public health ※

In the village below Mt.

Growing up with plenty of love from seniors

I hear that there is a product designer ~~~

By looking for “design that makes people feel good”

3D modeling, design learning, concept sketching, games, editing shops to Inspur!

Living busy in search of inspiration

“Today Meets My Job” of Samsung Electronics Smartphone Designer

Chapter 1. Mockup Partners Introducing themselves while on the road (00:17)

Chapter 2. Woomyunsan Seoul R&D Campus full of energy and design work introduction (01:03)

Chapter 3. Searching for inspiration with pleasant seniors (03:34)

Chapter 4. Interview with Designer Hee-Seon Kim, Design Team of Wireless Business Division (05:08)

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