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Samsung Notebook A/S (S Service)

 Fact 1.

If only the Internet is connected

No matter where, no matter the time

(Weekdays) 8 am-2 am

(Saturday) 9am-6pm

Fact 2.

Samsung notebook customers run S Service directly from the Start menu

Press shortcut key (Fn + ESC) at the same time to access it immediately

Fact 3.

Live chat

Even visible remote consultation!

Easy and convenient service function

Fact 4.

Not only S Service,

Over 180 of the industry's largest service centers

Anyone can visit easily

Ranked 1st in the Korean Service Quality Index (KS-SQI) for 19 consecutive years

Samsung laptop

While enjoying all these benefits

Study, work, and hobbies

The perfect version of your laptop!

More concise, more edgy, stronger

Samsung notebook

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