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Moving Our Galaxy: How Jaeyoon Kim’s Passion Drives Him to Shape a Healthier Future

 Ordinary people are accomplishing extraordinary things in their daily lives. We spotlight and celebrate the individuals who combine their enthusiasm, creativity and determination with technology in order to move our galaxy forward and make a positive impact on their own life as well as the lives of others.

Kim Jaeyoon MOG Story

Kim Jaeyoon MOG Story

Jaeyoon Kim has always been aware of the environmental issues the world faces. As an engineer at the Global Customer Satisfaction Team at Samsung Electronics, he screens for potentially harmful substances in all parts and materials in Samsung products as well as finding innovative ways to help suppliers conduct similar inspections. While his professional role may be close to his heart, the self-described “environmental nerd” truly cemented his decision to dedicate himself to making a greener future for his son when he became a father.                                                      

Working for a Better World

In 2018, Jaeyoon realized that suppliers don’t have a cost-effective way to test for phthalates – a substance that is harmful to humans and is prohibited in all Galaxy products. While Samsung has the equipment and capacity to test for the chemicals, some suppliers had difficulties conducting similar tests due to the costs and technical expertise required. To ensure that phthalates would not end up in everyday products including his six-year-old son’s toys, Jaeyoon decided to get better testing tools in suppliers hands.

“In the beginning, I was working on my testing kit prototypes on top of my assigned tasks so that it didn’t get in the way of daily business,” he said. But the development process was not easy. “I kept running into roadblocks along the way; a lot of scientists told me what I was trying to do was impossible, and I struggled to find the right partner who was willing to try this out. But I just kept going.”

To search for an answer, Jaeyoon read countless research papers and conducted numerous experiments. After two years, his efforts finally paid off when he created a palm-sized phthalates detection kit that is cheaper and also more portable than existing equipment.


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