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[99 Seconds News] What are the major TV and monitor products introduced in'Unbox & Discover 2021'?

 On March 2 (US local time), Samsung Electronics unveiled its 2021 lineup of TVs and monitors via its global online event ‘Unbox & Discover 2021’. 

Another event, ‘Discover Neo Life’, was held to announce the rollout of its products on the Korean market. 

Let’s see what kinds of products attracted people from around the world!

It starts with Micro LEDs. Samsung brings its latest display technology into Micro LEDs, which are now available in 99” and 88” sizes along with 110” models. 

Samsung Neo QLED delivers true-to-life picture quality combined with Quantum MiniLED display technology and various innovative features. 

The Lifestyle TV category, including The Frame and The Premier, offers upgraded user experience. 

Other prominent releases include the Odyssey gaming monitors, Smart Monitors designed for work-from-home consumers, and an expanded lineup of the Flip digital flipchart. 

Additionally, the 2021 TV lineup introduces eco-packaging, the Solar Cell TV Remote, an accessibility feature to enlarge the sign language area, and a color calibration app.  

Samsung TV implements innovative technology and enhances the viewing experience to realize its vision of ‘Screens Everywhere Screens for All’. 

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