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New Sony Ericisson phones: Shinobu and Nicole and some Sofia info

The first phone is codenamed Shinobu. It features:
- Walkman phone
- Slider design
- 12.5 mm thick (impressive!)
- 2.4 inch QVGA screen
- 2 mega pixel camera (no AF)
- Estimated price 4000kr = 582$ US

The second phone is codenamed Nicole. It features:
- Sagem OS (first phone under new cooperation)
- 2 inch QCIF screen
- 3g
- 2 mega pixel camera (no AF)
- 13 mm thick
- Estimated price 1800kr = 262$ US

Sofia features:
- 5 mega pixel AF camera
- 17mm thick (nice!)
- 2.2 inch QVGA screen
- Estimated price 4500kr = 655$ US

The phones and specs sound pretty good. Nothing high end but still interesting. The Shinobu is something I would buy along with the Sofia (too bad there wasn't a pic of Sofia). I must say they are a bit expensive (maybe because they are mid-high end phones that support HSDPA?). Hopefully there will be more pics, info or even an announcement soon (May 8th/9th). There is a Symbian event on May 9th. I used xe.com to convert the currency.

I found this info at a Swedish site (posted by "Zulee") via mobile-review and there is also info on 2 new Nokia phones.

This is not official information so it could be wrong.

So much info has popped up lately, first Elena and now this. I wonder if SE is behind all of this...this usually happens before an announcement. Perhaps an announcement near the Spiderman 3 movie launch and new phones featured in the movie? I remember last year Cyndi (W850) was announced along with the movie "DaVinci Code" and the W850 was featured in the movie (along with other known SE phones). I guess we will have to wait and see.

Another SE phone was leaked, but is a Japanese phone called W52s.

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