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LG KP199

South Korean company LG Electronics presented on the Ukrainian market new mobile phone KP199, equipped with a large battery pack. This phone, according to the company have to love those who actively use mobile communications and does not want to even tolerate the idea that at the very moment the phone may suddenly discharges.

Hours standard batteries 1350 mA / h Li-Ion in standby mode - up to 880 hours (this is about 36 days), and up to 10 hours - in a mode of conversation. Remarkable capacity battery combined with the large volume of memory and excellent functionality makes KP199 indispensable for a wide range of users. Now the owner of this phone, you may spend hours talking on the phone, listen to music or radio, VGA-use camera or play games without fear defuse the phone earlier time.

A large amount of memory (plus Micro SD external memory and 60 MB internal memory) can hold a maximum of information, including record favorite radio, music, games and video files; phone synchronized with a PC via USB (supported by technology Bluetooth (version V1.2) .

In addition, KP199 successfully replace radio and MP3-player, but by loudspeaker can respond to telephone calls without headphones and share their favorite music with a built-FM-radio or MP3 player with the surrounding.

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