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[Alone] key technologies中Samsung Electronics executives trying to advance on the

Galaxy Note was another troubling incident occurred as the recall of defective batteries in the 7 Samsung being conducted. Samsung Electronics is a current officer was caught trying to advance the whole selling the latest smartphone key components of the Knowledge Base of Samsung in China.

Jeongseongyeop reporter is the sole reported.

Samsung man who the prosecution claimed an arrest warrant on charges of trying to advance to sell the core technology components of the Galaxy smartphone is a Samsung executive Lee belongs.

The Executive has catched last July 30 smartphones parts technical information dolriryeo sneak out of the documents contained in the SEC's Giheung gotta catch caught by the guards.

The Managing Director is dolriryeo technology is a complete process flow out of the LSI 14 nm is applied to the Galaxy S6 and S7, the latest smartphone Galaxy Note 5 million to the national core technologies have only Samsung.

Further product information was already included in the LSI 10 is not applied to the nano-released Galaxy S8.

The Managing Director has been known to sell was trying to pass this information to China.

The prosecution plans to investigate whether if the arrest warrant is issued to the executive core technology in any condition, why dolriryeo out.

The incident last year, Samsung Electronics from 2008 to last year, the Executive worked in the non-memory state department submitted a letter of resignation to the company doeja arrest warrant charges.

About the situation of colostrum called core technology leakage current officer of Samsung Electronics has announced bogetdago side waiting for the outcome of the investigation.


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