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Three new “Xperia Tips” ideas coming soon; chosen by community

Sony Mobile launched a new app earlier in the year called “Xperia Tips”. The app was designed to get the most out of your phone, based on your usage patterns. The app first featured in Sony’s Concept firmware releases and is also included in all 2016 Sony Xperia devices. These tips may seem quite basic to some of our readership, but we’re sure they serve a purpose for those that aren’t tech-minded.

Below you will find three new tips that will hit the “Xperia Tips” app later in the year. The great thing about these ideas is that they were all chosen by the Xperia Concept community, through a competition that took place earlier in the year. The designs/text below are still work-in-progress, but give an idea of what to expect when they hit your device.

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