Get Ready to #DefyExpectations with Huawei

Whether you’re a boxing beauty or a runner with guts; a little conductor, or just too cool to quit. To reach your ambitions, you have to defy expectations.
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App Launch time & Activity creation (Android Performance Patterns Season 6 Ep. 2)

As developers, there’s nothing we like more than an amazing Activity that delights and entertains our users. But sadly initializing all the subsystems, resources, and layouts to provide that experience takes a bit of time and memory, meaning the users will have to wait for their transcendent experience. As such one of the most important things you can do for the health and performance perception of your application, is optimizing the performance of loading your activities.

In this video Colt McAnlis talks about the some of the most common problems in activity loading, and what tools you can use to track down the issues.

Samsung Notebook 9 Metal Race

Samsung Notebook 9 metal durability test

- Side impact test 01 (Side Impact Test 01)

- The bottom impact test (Bottom Plate Impact Test)

- Drop impact test (Drop Test)

- Side impact test 02 (Side Impact Test 02)

- Upper shock experiments (Top Plate Impact Test)

- Side impact test 03 (Side Impact Test 03)

I'm also not hard to light
Now Samsung Notebook 9 metal

Samsung Galaxy Note7: Meet the Ultimate Device for the New Way You Work

Samsung’s Galaxy Note7, together with Samsung Knox, offers defense-grade security, intuitive features and innovative advancements that enhance your productivity, whether in the office or on the road. See how these advances make the Galaxy Note7 the ultimate device for the new way you work.

Nat & Lo: YouTube Sneak Peek

Nat & Lo talk go behind the scenes at YouTube to find out how it actually works. Check out their two videos about it here → http://g.co/go/NLyt1

The Art and Science of the New ZenFone 3 Series – Incredible is Now | ASUS

The sum of our experiences makes us who we are today, but it’s the journey that we choose defines our destinations. Finding the right path takes time and effort, but once there, the legacy will be yours forever. The time has come, the world is waiting. Incredible is now.

Learn more about the incredible ZenFone 3 series - http://www.asus.com/Phone/

All You Need to Know about ZenFone 3 | ASUS

ASUS ZenFone 3 packs all the features you would expect to find in a flagship device into a stunning new entry-level smartphone.
 The contoured body is made of diamond-cut Gorilla Glass, making it light, tough, and comfortable in the hand.
 The 16-megapixel camera uses ASUS’s revolutionary Pixelmaster technology. This includes an extremely fast TriTech auto focus for enhanced clarity and optical and electronic stabilizers for rock steady images.
 The ZenFone 3 has a powerful 64-bit, 2 gigahertz 8 core Snapdragon processor and 4 gigabytes of memory.
 It is a smartphone built with all forms of mobile entertainment in mind:
 Watch a video - on its incredible 5.5 inch full HD display.
 Play the latest games - utilizing its desktop-grade graphics GPU.
 Or listen to music - 4 times better than CD quality through its five magnet speakers.
 With all these premium features, the ZenFone 3 is your best choice and the best value smartphone on the market.

Samsung Gear Fit 2 | Icon X _ _ snack keobeul Video # 2 yanghoseok coach crunch pieces

Samsung Gear Fit 2 | Icon X _ _ snack keobeul Video # 2 yanghoseok coach crunch pieces

Crunch with Gear Fit2 | IconX

Let's move. More dynamic
Let's move. More rhythmically