Samsung – Winning Is A Choice

Watch Harry Redknapp hold a motivational speech for New Mills AFC – considered the worst team in England – in 360. See how they did here: thesamsungecosystem.com

Samsung – Virtual Motivation

The Galaxy S7 and Gear VR delivers a fully immersive experience. We conducted an experiment to see if it could motivate New Mills AFC – considered the worst team in England – to win their first game of the season. See Harry Redknapp’s speech in 360 here: https://youtu.be/oNaMTHUAoi4

Exclusive: Gear Fit 2 full specifications confirmed

Samsung launched the Gear Fit wearable fitness tracker in 2014. The product was well received and it’s about time that Samsung came out with an updated model. We first saw leaked images of the Gear Fit 2 about a month ago and renders of the device have leaked multiple times since then. Today, we can exclusively confirm the full specifications of the Gear Fit 2. The Samsung Gear Fit 2 features a 1.55-inch 216 x 432 Curved Super AMOLED display with a Samsung 1GHz dual-core processor under the hood, it also has 512MB RAM, 2GB internal storage, and IP68 certification. For those who are unaware, IP68 certification guarantees that the device can be submerged in over 1.5-meters of water for half an hour, so the Gear Fit 2 will be a good fit for swimmers as well. The Gear Fit 2 has a 200mAh battery and runs Tizen 2.3. Aside from GPS and GLONASS it also features a heart rate sensor, gyroscope, barometer, and accelerometer. Click to read the rest of the article

Samsung Continues to Work on a Foldable Galaxy Smartphone

Last week the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office published a patent application from Samsung that reveals their ongoing work on developing a foldable smartphone. While Samsung has been working on flexible and foldable devices for years, as noted in our extensive archives, flexible OLED displays have greatly advanced as noted recently at a German trade show. Earlier today Patently Apple posted a report about silver nanowire-based flexible touch display technology. The technology will allow OEMs to design phablets and tablets that could be folded and put in your pocket. Samsung's latest invention plans on doing just that. Click to read the rest of the article

Samsung Campus: Applications for the Third Session of the Web & Apps Coding Training Course are Now Open

Students may now apply to join Samsung Campus by filling their application for the third session of the Samsung Campus “Web & Apps Coding” training course. Young people between the ages of 18 and 25, with no high school diploma and passionate about computing, have until midnight on September 18th to register on www.samsungcampus.fr. Preselected applicants will enter a three-week initial session on October 3, to gain the foundations they need for the training and to assess their motivation before entering the Samsung Campus.

Opened in Saint-Ouen, France in September 2014, Samsung Campus is a socially engaged training center that offers a free training course to develop digital skills for approximatively 50 young people per year. Graduates thus acquire valuable professional expertise in a very dynamic sector.

An educational team ensures individual follow-up of students throughout their training, while the incentive to work together and help each other strengthens group cohesion. To facilitate their future integration in business, students who are interested may also join a mentoring program in place with employees of Samsung Electronics France.

A Training Offering Genuine Job Opportunities

“Web & Apps Coding” is a two-year training course in web and mobile application* development, which includes apprenticeship during the second year. Designed to address the shortage of web developers in France, this training is operated by ZUP de CO and EPITECH.

ZUP de CO, an NGO which works to promote equal opportunity for disadvantaged young people, is in charge of recruiting and supporting students. EPITECHthe leading French school in IT and innovation, is in charge of the learning aspects.

This intensive training (1,600 hours the first year, and 455 hours during the work-study year) covers up to fifteen recognized coding technologies, as well as emerging technologies in web and mobile application development.

It also includes a marketing awareness module taught by ESSEC, and professional speakers to give students a thorough understanding of the business environment in which they will be evolving. “This course gives motivated young people the opportunity to develop skills that are sought after in a fast growing industry, and offers them genuine job opportunities,”says Florence Catel, corporate citizenship director at Samsung Electronics France.

As an indicator of the quality of the program, students who are currently in the second year regularly receive job offers: “My employment opportunities have completely changed,” says Pauline, age 25. “Now I’m contacted every week for jobs I haven’t even applied for!” Samir, age 23, reports a similar experience: “There’s everything we need to help us build our future.Now I’m regularly contacted for projects or permanent jobs. It’s both reassuring and motivating.”

A Training Course Approved by the “Grande École du Numérique”

 The Samsung Campus “Web & Apps Coding” program is part of the first training courses to be approved by the “Grande École du Numérique” (GEN) that was launched by the French President in September 2015. The Grande École du Numérique seeks to support the professional integration of young people without qualifications by offering themtraining in the digital fields.

For many of them, joining the Samsung Campus is a fresh chance: “I felt I shared the experience of some students who were motivated but had seen all doors close on them because they had no diploma. Samsung Campus is a real opportunity for me,” says Housama, age 23.

Marie, age 24, adds that coding is also a women’s job: “I’ve always loved computing, but my teachers didn’t support me in this choice,” she explains. “I never would have thought I could pursue a career in a field that is still viewed as very masculine! Today I’m finally doing what I love.”

A Mentoring Program with Samsung Employees

Samsung Campus students can also benefit from the volunteer involvement of Samsung Electronics France employees, in the form of a mentoring program based on experience-sharing and discussion, which is part of a socially responsible company approach: “I don’t know which of us got the most out of the mentoring,” says Alexandre, Allan’s Samsung mentor, with a smile.  “What motivated me at first was to be able to help a young person get ready to enter the job market. I hope I was up to the task. What’s certain today is that Allan has gained new confidence about his future. And that’s wonderful!

To learn more about Samsung Campus: http://www.samsungcampus.fr

Samsung Campus at a Glance_706

About ZUP de CO
ZUP de CO is an NGO which works to promote equal opportunity for disadvantaged young people. Empowering young people in a difficult situation to become key players in tomorrow’s society and prove that dropping out is not inevitable, such is the ambition of ZUP CO. www.zupdeco.org

About Epitech
Epitech has been training 5200 students every year for over 17 years. Epitech is neither a technical college nor an engineering school. Its innovative teaching model is rooted in project-based learning. The model designed by Epitech has proven popular with companies and has been rolled out by a consistent international network: Epitech therefore exists in 12 French cities and has over 40 worldwide partners.
Epitech’s network of exceptional international partners enables it to provide all its students with the opportunity to spend a year studying abroad (in 4th year) to experience another culture, build contacts and prepare for a potential international career.Epitech has 12 innovation hubs putting it on the cutting edge of new IT and digital technologies and able to build quality connections with its ecosystem. Students at Epitech can thus create close bonds with the business world throughout their academic life.At the end of their 5 year course, Epitech students are independent, responsible IT experts who can easily adapt to the business world. They have excellent technical skills, the ability to design and pool ideas and technologies as well as surround themselves with the best partners to handle their projects. In an ever-changing world where innovation reigns supreme, they have everything they need to succeed.It will therefore come as no surprise that Epitech alumni include Alexandre Malsch, Meltygroup founder and Solomon Hyckes, Docker founder.

Huawei Helps UTS Build the First CloudRAN Network in Latin America

Huawei recently announced its release of the industry-leading Cloud BB Solution to facilitate United Telecommunications Services (UTS) in the construction of quintessential CloudRAN networks to provide an unparalleled MBB experience in the Caribbean. The Cloud BB Solution supports CloudRAN networks and enables Gbit/s rate speeds to promote an excellent user experience beyond geographic boundaries. Its commercial deployment in the popular scenic destinations such as Saint Martin and the Curacao will unveil a momentous, new, and exciting era of CloudRAN in Latin America. The Caribbean region is world renowned and frequently visited tourist locations. UTS, as the leading operator in the region, is committed to providing a superior user experience for locals and tourists using advanced mobile network technologies. UTS has developed a long-term relationship of cooperation with Huawei and has taken the initiative to use Huawei's Cloud BB Solution for LTE-A network construction. The resource coordination function of the solution can significantly increase the cell-edge throughput in the gathering places of tourists, such as beaches and city centers, to build networks beyond geographic boundaries. With centralized BBUs, subsequent maintenance costs will be substantially reduced and site acquisition will be easier. As the world's leading telecom device provider, Huawei is committed to improving user experience and building a better connected world with our customers. Yang Chaobin, CMO of Huawei Wireless Network Product Line, claimed that: "The CloudRAN Solution will become the next recognized standard for wireless network architecture deployment. This is not simply a base station solution, but a reconstruction of radio access networks, which incorporates the developments of cloud technology to meet diversified future requirements."

Huawei and IHS Announce Whitepaper to Advance LTE in Public Safety

Huawei today announced that it partnered with IHS, a leading global analysis firm in the critical communications industry, to develop a whitepaper entitled “LTE in Public Safety”. Released at the 4th eLTE Industry Alliance Summit held on May 30 in Amsterdam, Netherlands, the whitepaper outlines customer challenges in the public safety sector and private LTE network development trends, as well as recommendations for the deployment of LTE-based public safety networks. According to the whitepaper the global public safety sector is undergoing substantial transformation. Public sector agencies are looking to develop nationwide critical communications private networks to enhance their capabilities, such as enabling police departments to adopt visual command to predict and respond quickly to incidents. Visual dispatching within the public safety sector requires significant bandwidth. Current narrowband technologies, including analog and digital, are unable to support this demand. Therefore, the public safety sector has begun to develop private LTE broadband networks which integrate voice, data and video services to meet the demand for public safety applications. Driven by this trend, some vendors have already rolled out private LTE network communications solutions designed for the public safety sector, indicating the importance of LTE broadband networks to enable critical communications in the future. The whitepaper provides a comprehensive analysis on private LTE networks in the public safety sector including market scale, technology development trends, standards development, spectrum planning in major global regions, and the influence of industry organizations. Based on this in-depth analysis, the whitepaper also provides practical recommendations on network deployment policies, industry chain development and market growth. Thomas Lynch, co-author of the whitepaper and Director of IHS Critical Communications Group, commented: “Private LTE networks have been growing rapidly in recent years. The market scale of private LTE networks in the public safety sector reached over USD 539 million in 2015. IHS forecasts that the market scale of private LTE eNodeB in the sector will reach USD 1.3 billion by 2019. IHS’ long-term forecast data shows that the growth rate of private LTE networks will be even higher. Private LTE network systems are expected to be adopted by more than one million users by 2021.” Jianhua Peng, President of Enterprise Wireless Business Unit at Huawei, said: "Based on our extensive experience of wireless technology and in-depth understanding of the industry, Huawei introduced its market-leading eLTE broadband trunking solution to bring trunking networks into the 21st century. By the end of Q1 2016, Huawei had signed 180 eLTE network contracts and established 84 commercial eLTE networks across different sectors, such as public safety, transportation, and energy. Our eLTE broadband trunking solution has been deployed for a number of projects, including Nanjing e-Government network, Shanghai Police, Kenya police station, Zhengzhou metro, Light Rail in Addis Ababa (capital city of Ethiopia), to enhance the reliability, cost effectiveness and flexibility of their networks." For more information about the whitepaper, please visit http://e.huawei.com/en/marketing-material/onLineView?MaterialID=%7b381E670E-4379-4044-831D-3A29D99FD1CE%7d

Sony Xperia™ E5

The power to do what you want Impressive performance and zero frustrations Forget about slow connections, or a smartphone that runs out of steam before you do. Xperia E5 delivers long-lasting, smooth performance and that all important “it just works” experience. 2-day battery With a battery that lasts up to two days, you can keep on talking, sharing, liking and browsing. More memory Need more room for what you love? Add up to 200 GB extra memory with a microSD™ card. Fast & powerful The quad-core processor and Smart Cleaner function deliver a consistently smooth performance. Point and shoot perfection A high-quality camera for simply stunning shots Xperia E5 makes it easier than ever to take stunning photos. The 13-megapixel camera is simple to use and smart, with Auto Scene Recognition that automatically adjusts camera settings to suit your shot. And with the 5-megapixel front camera, your selfies are sure to be sharp. Share the love The simplest way to share your pics We share our lives by sharing photos. And we share with the same key people time and time again. With the new sharing shortcut, we’ve made it super easy to send the photos you love to the people who matter most. A pleasure to use Xperia E5 is easy to use from the get-go, and gets even better with use. With helpful tips based on how you interact with your phone, you get the most out of your smartphone every day – without any effort.