China bars taking Samsung Galaxy Note 7 onboard flights from October 27

The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) said on Wednesday that it will not allow Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones to be taken on board flights from Oct. 27.

The CAAC has said that it would outlaw the use and charging of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones aboard flights from September 14.


Galaxy J5 (2016) gets updated October security patch

Samsung's Galaxy J5 (2016) currently receives a small update that brings the latest security patches for the device.

The Galaxy J5 (2016) is running from the sales start on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. However arrives the now third update with security enhancements now on the phone.

Firmware version XXU1APJ3 brings together the most
recent security patch from October to the J5 (2016), containing 68 fixes that Google released the Android operating system, and 7 items that Samsung added its own software.

This now unrolling update the Galaxy J5 (2016) may therefore again here against it on security. Do you know him already installed on your phone? Let us know below - even if you still encounter other changes!


Samsung Display betting on VR, AR panels

Samsung Display is betting on panels for virtual reality and augmented reality to further expand its presence in the mobile OLED market, its top engineer said at a display seminar on Wednesday.

“We are expecting the mobile OLED market to grow thanks to the advent of new applications such as virtual reality and augmented reality,” Park Won-sang, Samsung Display’s principal engineer, said at the International Meeting on Information Display held in Seoul.

He said the shipment of virtual reality devices connected with smartphones would rise more than 10-fold to 66 million units in 2017 from 4 million units in 2013, citing data from ABI Research.

VR, a computer technology that uses software to generate realistic images and sounds, is being developed by global tech firms including Oculus, Sony, Apple and Google.

“We are viewing the VR technology as posing new challenges to overcome technical limitations,” the engineer said.

He picked the power consumption issue as the biggest challenge, citing his personal experience. While hunting Pokemon, he noticed that his smartphone battery ran out in two hours due to the GPS and camera constantly running and the panel set as bright as possible.

“Samsung Display is working to increase energy efficiency for high power consumption (of virtual reality),” Park said.

Despite the remaining obstacles, Samsung Display still has an edge over its arch rival LG Display in VR. This is because LG is still focused on LCD and not OLED, which is considered an ideal panel for VR headset as it makes the inside of the headset completely dark.

An LG Display engineer, who attended the seminar, said on condition of anonymity, “It seems we are around five years behind Samsung Display in the panels for virtual reality (due to mobile OLED capacity).”

Another future technology Samsung Display is betting on is augmented reality, the principal engineer said.

Augmented Reality is a technology enriching the real world with digital information and media.

“Our long-time concerns over AR’s market value have gone with the popularity of Pokemon Go,” Park said.

Pokemon Go, a location-based augmented reality game developed by Niantic, has seen more than 500 million downloads globally since its rollout in June.

“We are viewing the augmented reality market as very important. It is an innovative technology, which combines the digital and real world,” the engineer said.

He said the company is working to solve eye problems, which many AR users complained about. As users have to focus on the panels from a short distance in a dark environment, they easily suffer from dry eyes and eye strain.


Galaxy S8 will be the first smartphone with optical fingerprint recognition

Samsung is expected to introduce some major hardware changes with the Galaxy S8, a recent report suggested that the next flagship is going to be truly “full-screen” as the display will be curved on the top and bottom edges as well. We’re now hearing whispers out of China that the Galaxy S8 is going to be the world’s first smartphone to feature optical fingerprint recognition technology. It will eliminate the need for the company to place a fingerprint scanner beneath the home button.

We’ve previously heard rumors that Samsung is going to integrate the Galaxy S8′s fingerprint scanner inside the display itself. An optical fingerprint scanner works when the finger is placed on a glass plate, or in a smartphone’s case, on the glass display. We’ve not seen this implementation in any other smartphones yet so the Galaxy S8 is certainly going to be the first smartphone to feature optical fingerprint recognition, which is both more accurate and faster than ultrasonic fingerprint recognition. It’s said that presently the yield of optical fingerprint recognition components for the Galaxy S8 is not high but since the handset is more than three months away, there’s ample time for yield issues to be addressed before the Galaxy S8 is released early next year.


Smooth shuffling – The #WowOfNow Show

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Elena Cruz shares her shuffling to over 300,000 Instagram followers. Check out her dance moves for The #WowOfNow Show, taken in sharp detail with Xperia.

Virtuoso violin – The #WowOfNow Show

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Violinist Robert Mendoza is known for his fusion of classical technique and a more modern, electronic sound. For The #WowOfNow Show he’s showing off his speediest solo, taken with Xperia.

Football freestyle – The #WowOfNow Show

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Rapid-fire beatboxing – The #WowOfNow Show

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