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The latest PSP Windows PS3 mobile phone

Well this is a properly done ripoff device. It doesn't just come with a Windows and PS3 sticker like the A815 Windows PS3 phone. More effort was put into this one and it shows. It is styled like the PSP with shape, colors and glossy front. The back was not designed to after the PSP though. It makes use of brushed metal. Here are the specs:

- 3.5 inch 260k QVGA touchscreen
- 1.3 mega pixel camera on the back and another camera on the front
- TV out
- microSD support
- GBC/NES/SMC games emulator
- measures 130x62x18 mm
- weighs 116 grams
- powerful speakers on the back

This phone is called the A816 making it the successor to the A815. It looks better and rips off better. It doesn't use a lousy sticker...the Windows and PS3 is printed in the back. The phone looks quite nice and looks like fun to play games on it. The number keypad that got pushed aside looks really hard to use.

Pics from m8cool


  1. hahaha. to be honest, if I was in need of a phone, I would get this one, considering it runs like a computer and has TV out. :)

  2. Hi!do u have an english manual for this phone?


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