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Gionee gaming mobile phones

Gionee is a new brand that have entered Taiwan's mobile market lately. They have 2 phones built around gaming. The white one is called the S20 and the black one is called the V9. They both have a gamer friendly d-pad and gaming buttons (A and B) optimised for gaming when holding the phone horizontally. They both have built in emulators running NES (Nintendo) games. Here are some brief specs:

- 2 inch display
- 1.3 mega pixel camera
- 128 MB internal memory
- microSD support
- TV out

- 2.2 inch touchscreen
- 2 mega pixel camera
- microSD support
- TV out

The V9 is a bit higher specced than the S20 (better screen and camera). The V9 also looks better. The S20 looks more for kids. The TV out function is a great bonus. It's like carrying a NES system in your pocket (playing on the go and playing on a big screen TV at home). This certainly catches my eye since I loved NES games.

Pics from sogi

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