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The Hummer HT1 mobile phone

There have been rumors of a Hummer phone but I thought that it would stay a rumor. I guess I was wrong. The phone is made by Hummer and not by a big phone company so only Hummer labeling is on the phone. It was designed by a French company called Modelabs. Here are the specs:

- GSM/GPRS/EDGE support
- 2.2 inch 260K color touchscreen
- 2 mega pixel camera- 256 MB internal memory
- microSD support
- FM radio
- fully functional MP3 player
- measures 96×49×14.9 mm
- weighs 100 grams
- expected availability Q3 2007

The specs are pretty good considering it is their first phone. The dimensions and weight are also not bad. I would expect them to follow the trend of their vehicles being huge and make the phone huge as well. It must be noted that the phone is made of premium materials that allows the phone to endure hot and cold conditions. From the live pic of the phone we can see it looks of premium quality and even matches a Hummer (if you have one). I would love to see this one in the flesh and also see it's UI (since it has a touch screen).


  1. Thnx 4 sharing

  2. Is this phone available in Middle East (Gulf) already? If yes, can you enlighten the shop that sell the HT1 Hummer phone.


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