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New Nokia N95 8GB edition

A new Nokia N95 was found on Nokia's site


The highlight being the 8 GB storage. This could be branded music edition meaning that it could be in all black. I would upgrade my N95 to this black N95. This is possible...a 8 GB N95 can battle Apple's iPhone and Sony Ericsson's W960. Boy, are there alot of phones found at Nokia's site these past two days. We have this N95 8 GB edition, 3G Vertu, 5310 Xpress Music and 3555.

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  1. hmm if this is the case then my thoughts of buying the w960 just got put on hold



  2. If this N95 wants to compete with the Iphone and the W960, nokia should give the N95 an super extreme high capacity battery.

  3. iii think il postpone the purchace of my N95.... 8gb would compleate it

  4. Hi,
    Do you know if / when this will be released on virgin mobile?

  5. N95 8GB is the only single mobile wonder where you have everything with you. GPS, Camera, Looks and wonderful design, excellent call management and many other entertainment features like music and games. This mobile phone is truly a sensational one. N95 8GB rocks.

  6. I'm using Nokia N95. It is really a very good mobile


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