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iPhone GPS Module

The iphone GPS module allows jail broken iphones to finally have GPS functionality. This module is in development and will be shipping in February. All software is open source and more applications are being written every day. This module gives you the ability to explore all the benefits that GPS on a platform that is small enough to put on a keychain. Plans are already underway for a stylish plastic enclosure as well.

Channels: 16
Update Rate: 1 sample / second
Acquisition Time: Hot: 4 Seconds, Cold: 45 seconds, Indoor: A long time
Serial Output: 1 Serial, 1 USB
Position Accuracy : 2.5m
Protocol Support: NMEA 0183 ver 2.3
Iphone Software: Requires Jail Broken Phone (tested on firmware version 1.1.2).
Software will be open source/community based

First prototype (on iphone with 1.0.1 firmware)

Prototype Software Screen Shots

Rendering of the production version of the iPhone GPS Module

Disclaimer: This product electrically interfaces to the iPhone, as such there is always a potential risk of damage to your phone. Although we thoroughly test our products, damage resulting from use of this hardware or any software modifications on the iPhone shall not be the responsibility of Part Foundry.

Price: $89.00 USD (Shipping February 2008)

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